Led vehicle work lights are also according to the international standard of automobile lamp, we use the anti glare functions in the optical design.

Product Specification:
Product Details

Led working light

12-24V holder

With magnetic stand

Can easily be taken on/off the lamp

Ordinary cigarette lighter  

6xAA drycell batteries

Color box packing


Ctn size:63x53.5x16cm


  • Machine size : 920*730*420mm
  • Machine color : Dark grey-white,dark grey-red
  • Working area : 400*400mm
  • Engraving thickness : 2cm(depends on material
  • Cutting thickness : 2cm(depends on material
  • Engraving speed : 1
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Product Details

We aim to show you accurate product information. Led vehicle work light manufacturers, led vehicle work light suppliers provide what you see here. The led vehicle work light is a smart choice to take with you on the job. The lightweight led vehicle work light is ideal for when you need a little more light to finish your work.  It is stable and a durable powder-coat finish also adds durability to the light. As an added convenience . The led vehicle work light can be set on the ground or a car top and aim it in the direction of the workspace. This light can also be used to light up nighttime cookout or the campground.