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What are the types, advantages and disadvantages of car headlights?

Published by admin April 09,2022

Car headlights, as the eyes of cars, play a vital role in driving safety at night. Different nighttime environments will also affect the illumination effect of car headlights. With the continuous development of technology and the increasing demand of car drivers for car headlights, car headlights are constantly changing. As a professional custom car headlight ATR, you will share three headlights and their advantages and disadvantages for you.


advantages and disadvantages of car headlights


1. Halogen car headlights
Halogen headlights are one of the most common car headlights currently used in automobiles. Halogen headlights have a history of 40 years. Halogen headlights are actually modified by incandescent lamps. In fact, halogen gases are added to incandescent bulbs. Halogen gas makes halogen bulbs more durable than incandescent bulbs. Since halogen bulbs are omnidirectional, they are astigmatic light sources. People use reflectors to gather light. So we usually use halogen lamps as light sources and gather them through reflectors. The light group of light is called a reflective halogen lamp. As long as you see that there is a reflector in your headlight, there is only a reflector, it is a reflective halogen lamp.
Features: Warm yellow light has low brightness and can only be irradiated 30-40 meters, but its low color temperature determines its penetrating ability (it is very practical like rainy weather, foggy weather), low cost, small size and simple replacement. Etc.

2. Xenon car headlights
Xenon headlights are gas discharge lamps. In fact, by using a rectifier, the voltage of 12V is instantaneously increased to a high voltage of 23KV. This high voltage of 20,000 volts breaks down the inert gas such as helium inside the xenon lamp and forms between the two electrodes. Light produced by an electric arc. Because Xenon headlights are due to the light emitted by the arc, there is no tungsten wire, and its service life is very long, it can reach 10 times of the halogen lamp, and the brightness can reach 3 times of the halogen lamp. Disadvantages: In rainy and foggy weather, the illumination is not as good as the halogen headlights.


custom car headlight


3.LED car headlights
LEDs are also used as car headlights in more and more models. The optical structure is similar to that of xenon lamps. LED light can be concentrated into parallel light through reflective bowls and lenses. The advantages of LED headlights are obvious. High efficiency, its energy consumption is only one-twentieth of the traditional halogen lamp, 2 long service life, LED service life can reach 50,000 hours, almost double the 30,000 hours of xenon headlights, 3 applications High, because it is a good anti-shock and shock resistance of electronic components, it can be applied in a variety of environments, 4 small volume, small LED components can meet the layout and design of each lamp factory, 4 response speed is fast, LED lighting is At the microsecond level, 5 brightness attenuation is small, LED brightness attenuation is much smaller than that of halogen lamps, 6 and the environment requirements are low, the LED unit can be driven by only low-voltage direct current, and the load is small, and a boosting device is not required like a xenon lamp.


The above are the advantages and disadvantages of the three commonly used car headlights. If you need custom car headlights, please contact us.