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LG Innotek will launch automotive LED modules to speed up its assault on the aut

Published by admin October 12,2021

LG Innotek said Monday that it will attend the Automotive World 2019 auto show in Japan this week for the first time and showcase about 20 auto parts, According to South Korean media reports.

The auto show begins Wednesday in Nagoya, Japan, over three days.
Nagoya is home to Japan's major auto parts makers as well as automakers such as Toyota.

LG Innotek will showcase its automotive LED modules and communications chips, including the latest advanced Nexlide-HD module, which emits bright and uniform light from five sides simultaneously, as well as C-V2X (cellular vehicle assembly) components.

"Japanese carmakers and component makers do have strong relationships that are difficult for new entrants to enter," a company official said. "Despite this, LG Innotek will prove its technical prowess at the show."

Recently, LG Innotek has further accelerated its pace to occupy the global automotive lighting market, especially with high-end models as the main target, deployment strategy, and actively develop more international customers.
(Translated by LEDinside James)