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How to choose LED car headlights?

Published by admin April 09,2022

What factors do you consider when choosing LED car headlights? First, we need to study several factors of LED products, including brightness (lumen), color temperature (Kelvin), light type, safety and service life.

1. LED car headlight brightness (lumen)
The lumen value is closely related to the brightness. Generally, the larger the lumen value is, the brighter the lamp is. Generally, the regular large manufacturers will use the integrating sphere to comprehensively measure the lumen value. The lumen value is a test result and is subject to many factors. The current size, the thickness of the lampshade, the calculation algorithm, etc. all cause a huge difference in the lumen value. Therefore, it is not correct to judge whether the lamp is bright or not, and only the lumen value measured by the single and brightest point is good.


LED car headlights


2. LED car headlight color temperature (Kelvin)
Regarding the color temperature, the larger the value, the better. Color temperature is a unit of measure that represents the color component of a light. The natural light source during the day belongs to a higher color temperature. The human brain will be more energetic under high color temperature illumination, and the human eye will feel more comfortable, so this is also the reason why the color temperature of the lamp is closer to the natural light during the day.

3.LED car headlights
The car headlight type refers to the angle and shape of the car headlights. A good light type has two important positive effects on the lights. The first is a clear light-cutting cut-off line, which is a necessary guarantee for safe driving. If there is no clear cut-off line, the light type is not only scattered and not concentrated, but more seriously, when the car is in the car, the driver of the incoming car feels glare, shaking his eyes and affecting driving safety. The second is that a good light type is more beneficial to the distance of the paving. It can illuminate a wider front road surface, and the driver will have a wider left and right view, which can be found in time for people or animals that suddenly appear on both sides of the vehicle at night.


LED car headlights


4. LED car headlight safety and life

The first criterion for choosing any product should be safe! Second is the service life. For LED lights, the heat dissipation directly affects its safety and life.