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Automotive lighting demand is increasing, Liqing, Adelson and other LED car ligh

Published by admin April 09,2022

Since the second quarter of this year, the automotive lighting market has shown clear signs of warming.
Most of the companies operating in the automotive lighting business have either seen solid growth or turned a profit.

LED lamp module manufacturers LiQing science and technology, points out that the mainland new car sales market rebound trend is clear, including shigeru hualand visual technology, guangzhou small si, big wei rui ke on LiQing LED lamp module demand, especially new models gac GS4 LED rear lamp module order since July cargo quantity output assists, contribution to the company in July and August depot during the recess for defying the traditional off-season, pay out of season despite of transcript.

According to the latest data from the Mainland Automobile Dealers' Association, the early-warning index of auto dealers' inventories stood at 52.8% in August, down 9.9 percent from the previous month, indicating a gradual recovery in the broader economic environment on the mainland.
Liqing is confident about the upcoming fourth season of the traditional car season.
The introduction of the policy of automobile going to the countryside, the 818 automobile Festival and the dealers' all-out efforts to achieve the annual sales target have all contributed to the overall new car sales market in the mainland, which has helped the joint venture brand automobile manufacturers such as Japan, Europe and the United States to continue to introduce more discounts, stimulate sales, and drive the increase in the demand for LED lamp modules from major customers.

In addition, Adelson has successfully entered into the automotive market in recent years and decentralized its operation focus, while lighting is mainly the delivery of module products. As a result of strategic adjustment, its operation is driven this year, and the market expects to maintain the surplus performance in the third quarter and the second quarter.

Edison LED components for the main products in the past, in recent years, into the LED lights and lighting module market, last year affected by trade friction, adjust the motor module production sites, from the mainland to Taiwan, thus affecting vehicle module shipment status, but the fourth quarter of last year, Taiwan's production line are complete and order situation well, since this year vehicle module operating proportion of continued ascension.

ledheadlightAt present, Adelson's vehicle use is mainly American customers, accounting for about 80%, and a small number of Chinese mainland customers. 95% of its revenue is OEM market, whose products include daily traffic lights, tail lights, indoor lights, direction lights, etc. AM accounts for 5%, mainly for alternative headlights, with about 10 automotive customers.

In terms of performance, the company suffered a net after-tax loss of nt $0.07 per share in the first quarter of this year due to the impact of the global COVID-19 outbreak and the incomplete transfer of production lines at the time.
However, the industry gradually picked up after the second quarter, the company in the second quarter into the profit, after tax net profit per share of 0.11 yuan, the market legal person expects, after the gradual stability of the transformation benefit, the third quarter operation is also expected to maintain the last quarter's earnings performance.